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What Is Architectural Visualization

For designers, architectural visualization can convey their ideas in a simple, fast and cost-effective way. In the field of architecture, as a language between clients and designers, architectural visualization usually starts before the construction process.

3D visualization is the latest development of architectural visualization, which refers to the use of computer software to create a three-dimensional model of a structure. Customers can stand around the 3D model and observe it from any angle, and elements such as carpets, furniture, murals and lighting can also be added to clearly observe their effects.

Architectural 3D renders may be the most effective way to communicate ideas in the construction industry. The architectural 3D render, designed by the 3D architecture company, does not require additional physical materials, is faster than traditional model making methods, and can display more content. The following are the main benefits of using architectural 3D renders:

1. You can explain your thoughts to anyone

Without visual aids, explaining a detailed building structure to someone who does not know the field can be exhausting, and architectural 3D renders can easily convey many details in the project.

2. More cost-effective

You might think that complex technologies like 3D building visualization will be expensive, and it was true in the early days. However, over the years, 3D rendering has become cheaper and cheaper, most of which are within the client's budget.

3. Early detection of errors

In the process, it is very common for customers to make changes frequently, causing excessive project budget. Because clients usually have no training in construction, it is difficult to understand certain ideas before the construction phase begins. 3D models can give customers the opportunity to find problems early, and they can know from the beginning whether they don't like the design and layout of something

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