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Key Points of Drawing Architecture Render

Ⅰ. The key points of architecture render

In the process of architectural design rendering, one of the most important light sources is the sun. Since the sun is at the set position and the angle of illumination during the set time is certain, the computer 3D software can achieve an architectural rendering simulation function, which can be located at any position on the earth to simulate the sun's illumination situation in the four seasons of the year. In this way, the architect can grasp the lighting situation of his plan and the impact on the surrounding buildings at any time. In addition to the sun, the computer can also introduce light sources of various colors according to the design needs.

In addition, in architectural design rendering, the setting of environmental atmosphere is very important for architectural rendering. This is not only a foil to the scale of the main building, but also a powerful reflection of architectural rendering to the function and shape of the building. Setting the scene with a computer can not only meet your needs, but also convenient and fast. The computer can take advantage of its own large storage capacity to render various buildings prepared in advance and stored in the graphics library, such as various cars, trees, street lights and people, etc., and can be based on the needs of architectural rendering composition. Adjust the number and position of the background scenery at any time. In addition, you can also take the current situation around the proposed site into the camera and transfer it to the computer to adjust the perspective angle of the model to match the current situation of the environment. The architectural renderings made in this way completely reflect the real situation of the project after it is completed.

It is believed that the widespread use of architectural rendering software will be the development trend of architectural design in the future. It can be said that the emergence of CAAD technology is a milestone in the history of architectural rendering.

Ⅱ. The value of architecture render

Architectural rendering can achieve photorealistic architectural visualization, which is a relatively high link in architectural performance that requires relatively high artistic foundation. The reason why the artistic foundation of architectural rendering is emphasized in this way is because an excellent architectural expression work is often an intuitive display of a new building. It can present people with the most realistic visual effects. As an important part of architectural expression, architectural rendering also carries the essence of the entire architectural expression work because of its accurate grasp and positioning of color, light and shadow. Skilled use of various architectural rendering techniques can make architectural works appear magnificent, allowing viewers to enjoy amazing visual effects, so that they can get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in such architectural rendering works.

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