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The Visual Key Points of 3D Architectural Animation Production

You can use the freely adjustable lens in the process of 3D architectural animation production and computer production to perform free sightseeing, such as overlooking, overlooking, shuttle, and long-distance sightseeing, to enhance the momentum of the building.

Ⅰ. Three-dimensional architectural animations use the surrounding environment to make pictures

Three-dimensional technology uses the changes in the scene of the building, the surrounding environment, plus the birds, animals, and the sun flying through the clouds that are carefully designed by animation, to present a variety of beautiful and spectacular atmospheres in a virtual form.

Ⅱ. Three-dimensional architectural animations advance from a distance or lead to a production picture from a close distance

The distance refers to the angle of the camera, whether it is a person's point of view or a bird's-eye view, the main building or key performance can be drawn from the distance to the close. The fuzzy and clear three-dimensional animation production technology in architectural animations is divided into two aspects:

1. The near scene is blurred and the distant scene is clear

It is mainly used for human perspective, specifically depicting the background architecture and the performance of the background subject, and determines the lens conversion in a visually appealing way.

2. The background of the distant scene is clear

Three-dimensional animation is mainly used for the depiction of a bird's-eye view of the lens. When the lens is far away, it can be used to emphasize the sense of wholeness, vision, and color. Lens software switching refers to the transition effect of the lens software when compositing with AE and other post-production software to achieve the purpose of switching. Making architectural animation is like making a movie. Many techniques and forms can be referenced from the movie. A good architectural cartoon is like a good movie without boring people. We sum up the experience in the production to make the architectural animation more perfect.

Ⅲ. Architectural animation company: RGB-A

RGB-A is a well-known realistic architectural animation company in China, providing 3D architectural animation visualization services for architectural design companies and real estate developers at an affordable price. Our main services include the production of high-quality 3D architectural rendering services and animations, corporate motion graphics and promotional videos, and landscape visualization renderings.

RGB-A DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED was established in August 2016. We cooperate with architectural design companies and developers to produce high-quality three-dimensional architectural static renderings, architectural animations, motion graphics, corporate videos, etc. Our core team members are passionate and have an average industrial experience of more than 10 years. As a professional architectural animation company, Rendering has accumulated rich experience in visual production and project management through close cooperation with well-known architectural design firms and real estate developers.

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