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Fly-Through animation is to show the project from the bird-eye view. It can display the project plan exactly and show up the relationship between the proposed project and the surrounding context. It is an outstanding way of simulating the video shot from a drone. 3D architectural Fly-Through animations are doing a great job on giving the viewers/audience a total understanding to the whole project.

FAQ Of 3D Fly Through Animation Services

FAQ Of 3D Fly Through Animation Services

  • What Is The Process Of Producing 3D Architectural Fly Through Animation?

    At early stage, we need to have the client's script on camera moving route, and then we will set up the camera moving path in 3D max model according to the request. At the same time, model team of RGB-A, a reputable architectural visualization company, starts doing the modeling work. Model previews and animation path preview both shall be sent for review & approval to model and camera path. Once model and camera path are both confirmed, we shall move to next stage, rendering stage. Before start rendering animation, we shall place the entourage including people, furniture, activities, plants, trees, cars, etc and meanwhile, refining the material and testing lighting will be both done. After these work finished, the animation will start being rendered with 3d building animation software, such as Vray or Corona. Once rendering process is finished, we will use AE to do some special effect and adjust the color, and then we shall use PR to do editing and add background music.

    After this step, the animation video is finished.

  • What Software Will Be Used To Produce The 3D Architectural Fly Through Animation?

    1. 3D max

    2. Rendering plug-in, Vary and Corona

    3. Photoshop

    4. AE

    5. PR

  • How Long Will It Take To Produce 3D Flythrough Animation?

    Our general turnaround time is 15-20 days. For rush service, it is 10-15 days.

  • What Advantage Does The Architectural 3D Fly Through Animation Have?

    3D architectural animation allows architectural designers to create their designs and bring ideas to life. It will also help the architects to create realistic representations of the architectural properties, which shall leave a strong impression for viewers/audience.

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