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Application of Future-oriented Architectural Visualization Technology in Immersive Scenarios

1. What is architectural visualization?

Architectural visualization is to use digital image technology to present design concepts through realistic visual effects, so as to achieve an immersive experience.

With the progress and development of science and technology, the design and expression of buildings are gradually evolving. The expression of traditional architecture relies on renderings, animations, sand tables, etc., which is costly and has a long production cycle. With the help of real-time 3D architectural visualization & rendering technology, it can improve efficiency in the whole cycle of architectural design, optimize the design process, save costs, and provide innovative MR design and expression methods.

Architects use commonly used tools such as SketchUp to model, and open the model through Mars to perform WYSIWYG editing. Support the output of traditional expressions, such as high-precision renderings and CG animation.

2. Application of architectural visualization in MR technology

In fact, in order to fit the user's application scenarios and usage habits, we have spent a lot of energy on optimizing the experience, enhancing the effect, and improving the performance in the traditional way of expression. This is because construction is a relatively traditional industry. If innovative products are provided at the cost of changing users' habits for many years, then users' resistance to changing habits may offset their interest in new products.

The new output methods provided for 3D architectural visualization, such as panoramic rendering, panoramic video, 3D stereoscopic roaming, 3D video, 3D panoramic video, etc., can diversify expression methods and improve expression ability. At the same time, MR technology can be used for immersive design.

In the immersive scene, you can feel the real scale and experience the changes of light and shadow. This technology not only provides an innovative means of expression, but also plays an unexpected role in the architectural design process, the scrutiny of the design plan, and the architectural teaching process.

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