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Architectural Rendering: Realistic 3D Visual Building Rendering

1. What is 3D building rendering

Architectural rendering (also called architectural visualization) is a process that involves the creation of 2D and 3D images and animations that illustrate the proposed architectural design. And 3d architectural rendering can create stunning and realistic visualizations to help showcase projects.

3D architectural visualisation companies can demonstrate the appearance of the building before it is constructed when performing the 3D rendering of the building. It can help designers communicate their designs to clients and colleagues.

2. Advantages of 3D render building

Interactive & ultra-high-definition & immersive; one-click real-time architectural visualization; 3D rendering architecture has become a tool for daily workflow. With real-time rendering software, you can verify your ideas, and architects and designers can communicate their design goals

3D building rendering can shorten the use and feedback loop, and visualize the design of the building before design to give an overview of the space, which can highlight the best parts of the design as well as any flaws.

Architectural visualization provides you with competitive advantages. Using real-time rendering can expect to obtain high-quality, realistic 3D building renderings in real time. Simultaneous editing with visualization means that any changes can be made at any time.

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