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3D Visualization Technology: a More Efficient Way of Product Marketing

Marketing is everywhere. In subways, on mobile phones, in elevators, and on the streets, people can see all kinds of advertisements. The purpose of these advertisements is to serve products and enterprises. In order to sell products faster and better and increase brand awareness, marketing advertising is the only way to go.

Enterprises usually resort to video advertisements and paper media promotion. It has to be said that this has indeed brought considerable benefits to enterprises to a certain extent. But this process is either relatively long, or it is not bought by consumers. There are two main reasons why the above marketing methods are not welcomed by everyone: one is that the commercialization is too serious and the interests of consumers are not paid attention to; the other is that consumers have already developed a psychological rejection of such advertisements. If an enterprise can realize these two reasons, it must be not far from success. Awareness is the first step, and action is the second and crucial step. It is important to find a practical way to take into account the interests and experience of consumers.

So at this time, what companies need to consider is what kind of marketing methods can be more popular with everyone? Simply put, it is high authenticity and intuitiveness. We must not only meet the interests of enterprises, but also meet the needs of consumers, starting from the interests of consumers. 3D architectural visualization technology is such a way, and applying it in marketing can just solve the pain points that enterprises are currently facing.

1. 3D architectural visualization technology can display products in front of consumers in an all-round and multi-angle manner

It has authenticity that video ads don't have. Through the development of technicians, any product can be embedded on the browser in a 3D visualization. If users want to know the information and advantages of the product, they can log in to the website and directly enter it to view the product. In addition, because 3D visualization technology is also interactive, consumers can also manipulate products at will, which is active rather than passive in this regard. It can be seen that the application of 3D architectural visualization technology in marketing and promotion by enterprises has easily shortened the distance between consumers and consumers, and has also changed consumers' passive understanding of products into active understanding of products.

2. 3D architectural visualization technology marketing

When passive becomes active, who is the next most beneficial party? Obviously, the biggest beneficiary is the enterprise itself. Consumers actively understand the product, indicating that the product meets their needs in some aspects. Now that their needs have been met, they must know about the product next. The advantage of 3D architectural visualization technology is in this. As an efficient marketing method, it can not only improve the sales performance and brand image of enterprise products, but also meet the visual and psychological needs of consumers.

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