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3D Visual Rendering: the Latest Trend in World Architectural Rendering in 2021

1. The trend of architectural design rendering

This year, companies that use architectural design rendering have gained some exciting new trends. 3D architectural rendering design services are already the best solution to visualize the properties yet to be built. Some of the main architectural rendering trends in 2021 are related to creating interactivity and immersive experiences.

2. Impressive artistic expression in architectural design rendering

Story-based rendering mode will continue to exist; with the combination of watercolor and other types of artistic rendering, the sense of reality and virtual reality greatly enhance the realistic architectural rendering. This is an era of endless new possibilities, such as ultra-fast rendering, immersive CG content and unlimited artistic expression.

Realistic architectural rendering is of great significance to architecture and real estate professionals, who can propose design iterations and updates faster with advanced vr technology in architecture, thereby greatly improving communication with project stakeholders.

3D visualization rendering is an art form. Every style choice made during a 3D rendering project affects the way the final visual effect is perceived. These trends take 3D visualization to a whole new level.

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