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Panoramic Display Technology of 3D Building Visualization

The emergence of naked-eye 3D technology has broken the boundary between reality and the virtual world. People not only want to experience immersive virtual scenes but also want to be able to see scenes from all over the country in a short time without leaving home. Based on people's longing for this, it has become a hot topic how to rebuild the 3D of real scenes quickly, at a low cost, and on a large scale. And thus making the real scene become virtual network content. 3D building visualization technology allows users to keep track of the latest developments of construction projects through their mobile phones, improve management efficiency, and save economic costs and operating management costs. So what is the display function of 3D building visualization?

Ⅰ. Model structure diagram display of 3D building visualization

3D architectural visualization technology supports different types of BIM data categories, model structures, interface data sets, and displays the effects of 3D models from multiple angles and multiple accesses.

Ⅱ. Two-dimensional plane linkage mechanism three-dimensional model of 3D building visualization

Simultaneously display the 3D model and the 2D graphics, and establish the synchronization of the parts and the camera between the 3D model and the 2D graphics. In the two-dimensional graphics, you can locate the three-dimensional perspective view, and link the three-dimensional model at the same time.

Ⅲ. High-precision model three-dimensional measurement of 3D building visualization

It supports length measurement based on points and lines. You can select the length, width, and height of a single wall, a single item in the scene, or measure the distance between the top and bottom of the floor.

Ⅳ. Virtual scene multi-mode roaming of 3D building visualization

3D architectural visualization technology  includes interior architectural visualization and exterior architectural visualization, which supports users to roam freely in virtual outdoor scenes or indoor buildings. They can freely visit or customize the roaming walking route, and they can also roam or inspect from the perspective of unmanned driving.

Ⅴ. Fast cutting model of 3D building visualization

3D architectural visualization technology can support model subdivision, matrix and tile pattern cutting, and generate multi-gradient resources with different precisions.

In addition, 3D building visualization supports all-round display from the whole to the layout. It can also display the appearance of the entire building, as well as individual model equipment such as water, wires, and meters on each floor.

The 3D building visualization can also be connected to the customer's data interface. In the 3D model scene, through model interaction, other data such as the energy consumption of equipment or buildings are displayed in real time. When the data is abnormal, perform data linkage and use a three-dimensional model. Display abnormal change status, such as burst of fire water pipe, fire alarm and so on.

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