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Types of 3D Architectural Rendering

RGB-A to produce various types of 3d renderings, including 3D exterior renderings, interior renderings, aerial renderings, site plan, elevation, section, etc, which can be used on multi kinds of projects, such as residential, hotel, hospitality, hospital, public buildings and urban masterplan, etc.
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3D Architectural Animation Discover More

RGB-A offers professional, good quality, 3D video/animation service. 3D animation is a great way to tie various scene and space together and bring the space to life and it is a more intuitional way to show the design to the client.

Panorama Rendering

Panorama Rendering can be used for multi-purposes, such as architectural design study, design competition, marketing, etc. It can show the design from 360 degree and make the audience have a strong sense of reality and immersiveness through the virtual environment.
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FAQs Of 3D Architectural Visualization Services

FAQs Of 3D Architectural Visualization Services

  • What information will you need to produce some renderings?

    • Proposed building/project model in 3D or 2D format

    • Project site model in 3D or 2D

    • Requested camera views of renderings

    • Material mark-up for building and site

    • Desired rendering precedents if available

  • What format of 3D model do you work with?

    Various formats of 3D model is OK with us, such Rhino, Revit, 3DS, DWG, Sketchup, 3D max, etc.

  • Can you provide auxiliary modeling work?

    Yes, as a professional 3D architecture company, we are available to do this, but some extra fee and production time would be required. For example, we only provide you with a generic box, and the building facade detail should be according to reference images and our hand sketch.

  • How long will you need to produce some renderings?

    Our general turnaround time of archviz animation and rendering is 7-10 days and for rush service, it is 5-8 days. For rush service, please consult with our account manager 3 days in advance to ensure team availability.

  • Is there any progress for review before delivering final renderings?

    Generally, we can provide two rounds of model previews for checking model geometry and camera angles and two rounds of rendering previews for checking material, lighting and postproduction.

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