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Convert the Model into a Realistic 3D Visualization Rendering Technology

Architectural rendering (also known as architectural visualization) is a process involving the creation of 2D and 3D images and animations that illustrate the proposed architectural design. It can help showcase projects by creating amazing and realistic visualizations.

3D visual rendering of buildings is usually used by architects and designers to demonstrate the appearance of buildings before construction. It can help designers show their design to their customers and colleagues.

1. 3D visualization rendering is Ultra HD, strong interactive, highly immersive

Using cloud GPU computing resources, the Ultra HD, interactive, 3D visual architecture & Engineering based on games development engine (Unity, UE4) will be computed and rendered in the cloud, and delivered to the terminals in real time through network and streaming technology so that customers can easily experience Ultra HD , strong interactive and highly immersive 3D visual content anytime and anywhere.

2. 3D visualization rendering can be completed in real time by a button

It used to be a time-consuming process, but today the introduction of real-time rendering software enables the architects and designers to access architectural visualization.

3. 3D visualization rendering applies real-time rendering software

With the help of real-time rendering software, the work can be finished quickly. And 3D visualization rendering has become a tool for daily workflow. It's not a slow and expensive process any more, it becomes more accessible with faster architectural rendering time and usability. Here are some reasons why it is the perfect partner for your design workflow:

(1) Validate your ideas

Architectural rendering is the language between designers and customers. It can help architects and designers convey their design objects.

(2) Shorten trial and feedback cycles

Using the software of landscape architecture rendering can help eliminate possible design errors. Its visual display provides an overview of the space before designing so as to highlight the best part of the design and any disadvantages.

(3) Impress your customers

Architectural visualization offers you a competitive advantage. High-quality and realistic 3D visual rendering can be obtained by using real time rendering. Simultaneous editing and visualization means that any changes can be made at any time.

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