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Standard Workflow for 3D Rendering Projects

1. Archviz companies will first obtain approval for grayscale rendering

At the stage of using architectural visualization software to enter the workflow process of the 3D rendering project, the client checks the camera angle, the geometry of the building and the surrounding objects. Then, they either tell the project team to proceed or request corrections if necessary.

2. Archviz compnanies will get the approval of the color certificate

3D artists will be here waiting for customer comments on lighting, materials and environmental elements. The latter may include people, cars, green spaces, etc. Usually, at this stage of the realistic rendering process, archviz companies will perform at most 3 rounds of smaller corrections.

3. Archviz companies will deliver the final rendering

At the end of the 3D rendering project, the customer will get the final visual effect that has been obtained through post-production. This is the last step of the workflow, where the architectural visualization photoshop is used to adjust the lighting, contrast, and color balance to make the CG image super realistic.

After the architectural visualization software work is completed, the project team will be happy to get feedback on the final visual effect and overall workflow from the customer.

So don't hesitate to share your impressions! It can help us improve the quality of service so that archviz can give you a better experience in future projects.

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