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3D Visualization Can Show Architectural Design in 360°, with Obvious Advantages

3D technology and architecture complement each other. Applying 3D visualization to the construction industry is not only good for the architects and the designers, but also very convenient for the customers and investors to check all the information, which is very beneficial to both sides. It is precisely because of such an advantage that a growing number of construction industries will integrate it into this field.

1. Why is 3D building rendering used more and more in the construction industry?

3D interior visualisation modeling is helpful to visualize the building structure of the project and the interior design. 3D architectural rendering is the principal element of output quality. Textures and colors are important because they are a part of the model and conducive to to the final decision of the customers.

Today, by using free tools, everyone can use 3D building rendering, which can help you build and provide correct and accurate 3D models as well as the vivid images of the structures required by customers. This tool avoids the need to install multiple packages for CAD and rendering. It can be seen that the 3D rendering model can provide accurate information about buildings and structures from any angle, which makes the work of architects, builders, engineers and customers easier. Even if the customer requests to change the model, it can be easily changed with the help of the tools provided in the rendering software.

This brings effective communication for the builders and customers. It is very important for the builders to make the exact needs of their buildings clear to the customers. Building is an exquisite process, so it is usually difficult to fully visualize them through 2D engineering drawings. However, when generating a 3D model, we have the opportunity to see it from any angle, including its appearance, material and internal structure. In addition, 3D visualization can also view some fields and details that we can't see with 2D images before. Through 3D interior visualization, designers or architects can easily identify and correct the neglected design process before construction so as to reduce the investment cost and lessen the construction time.

2. The advantages of 3D building rendering in construction industry

Integrating 3D indoor visualization into the construction industry can improve communication, identify design defects and improve marketing, which is reflected in the following aspects:

(1) 3D indoor visualization can improve communication

3D visualization rendering enables customers or investors to easily understand the complexity of architecture without knowing how to read architectural drawings, which facilitates their understanding and viewing of the architectural design.

(2) 3D indoor visualization can identify design defects

3D visualization allows owners, builders and other third parties to view the design process before building anything and wasting money. The architectural design can be changed if it is defective or unsatisfactory. Applying 3D indoor visualization can shorten the time of change and reduce unnecessary project expenditure.

(3) 3D indoor visualization can improve marketing

3D indoor visualization enhances marketing by providing a striking view of the project through various forms of media, including websites.

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