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Panorama rendering, also called 360 degree VR rendering, is one type of rendering that the viewer can look around the space in all directions, just as they are in the real life, in a virtual tour. It is the use of virtual reality technology in architecture, and the VR building design by RGB-A, a reputable VR architectural visualization company, is of high quality. With the help of the VR world system, and advanced software such as 3ds max, photoshop, 360 vray spherical panorama render software, the company is capable of providing excellent 360 panoramic photography.       

The most frequent use for 360-degree rendering/panorama rendering is architecture and landscape design services. Architects and designers use 360-degree rendering to show up their design intention from all directions. 360-degree rendering/panorama rendering can also provide the viewers with an immersive feeling by wearing the VR glasses to see the panorama rendering. As one of the reputable 3d architectural visualization companies, RGB-A has professional and dedicated team who can produce high-quality panorama renderings/360-degree renderings for different purposes from our clients. We constantly pursue technological innovations and have been using new skill to have our quality become better and better.

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RGB-A Press Release of 3D Architectural Visualization Services
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