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RGB-A, a reputable photorealistic architectural visualization firm in China, provides 3D architectural visualization services to architectural design firms and property developers, with affordable archviz price. Our main service includes producing high-quality 3D architectural rendering and animation, motion graphics and promotional films of enterprises, landscape architecture visualization render, etc. 

To be a professional 3D visualization rendering company, we have an experienced and high skilled professional production team, equipped with best 3d software for architectural visualization, such as photoshop. The team members of our 3D max unity arch visualization firm are with an average of 8-10 years of industrial experience, skilled at 3D max house&building architectural design. To be a reliable blender architectural 3D visualization company, we have set up a complete quality control system to keep our consistent high-quality level. As a responsible 3d house visualization company, we have been keeping studying our clients' needs and gaining more experience through each project to improve us. For customers' good service experience, we also constantly improve our 3D architectural visualization portfolio and website. The goal of our firm is to help our client win competition through our high-quality architectural visualization products.

  • 3D Architectural Rendering on RGB-A 3D architectural visualization website
    As a professional architectural visualization company, RGB-A provides high quality 3D architectural still renderings for exterior and interior on super high-rise buildings, residential buildings, mixed-use projects, urban masterplan projects, hotel and hospital projects, etc.
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  • 3D Architectural Animation on RGB-A 3D architectural visualization website
    RGB-A offers professional and good quality 3D video/animation service. 3D animation of our architectural visualization company is a great way to tie various scenes and space together and bring the space to life.
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  • Panorama Rendering on RGB-A 3D architectural visualization website
    RGB-A offers panorama renderings to show the clients' design intent from 360 degree. Panorama renderings of our architectural visualization firm can provide the viewers with an immersive experience.
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  • FAQs Of 3D Architectural Visualization Services on RGB-A 3D architectural visualization website

About RGB-A

As a service-providing company for 3d architectural visualization, RGB-A DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, is mainly engaged in architectural still renderings, 3D animation, motion graphics, etc. As a professional architectural visualization firm, RGB-A has created its own special websites, and has core team members who are full of enthusiasm with an average industrial experience of over 10 years. And as a reliable 3d archviz company, RGB-A has gained rich experience in visualization production and project management through close collaboration with well-known domestic and overseas architectural design firms as well as real estate developers.

  • Rich Experience in 3D Architectural Rendering
  • Constant Progress in Technical Research
  • High Recognition From Our Most Customers

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RGB-A Press Release

RGB-A Press Release
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