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Three Benefits of 3D Visualization Rendering in Furniture Industry

Furniture is an important component of living space, with quite high market coverage rate. In order to sell furniture easily to clients, salesmen and designers shall know how to design and manufacture furniture, and more importantly, they shall know how to display the furniture to clients.

Looking at all the ways, 3D realistic rendering has rapidly become a major method for online product display. For designing and manufacturing products, it has many advantages. In furniture industry, the benefits of 3D product rendering act on the whole process of products design, sales, etc. This shows that 3D rendering plays an important role in furniture industry.

Ⅰ. Using 3D visualization rendering can make vivid product images

Online sales need online display of product pictures. Generally speaking, enterprises will hire photographer, rent sound stage, and take pictures of all products for sales. However, this kind of method is non-recurring expense, and enterprises have to shoot again for each update of product list. It will need abundant cost of capital, and reduce overall profit rate of products.

3D visualization rendering is a process of generating images on computers. Therefore, during furniture sales, 3D rendering can avoid above mentioned steps. 3D rendering reduces capitalized cost and enhances productivity obviously. Since 3D rendering has interactive feature, it is much stronger than pictures. No matter at design stage or sales phase, users can check products and the details from different angles by 3D rendering.

Ⅱ. 3D visualization rendering allows customers to view furniture products in 360°

Along with more and more people shopping online, it becomes more and more important to have a highly interactive website for online sales of enterprise products. 3D realistic rendering can provide enterprises with interactive image at certain degree, which cannot be gained from ordinary photography. Even if photographer can take photos from several angles, users cannot rotate them. Interactivity exists in 3D product rendering where users and product images can interact completely. Users can freely rotate, magnify or shrink products by interoperation, which meets all their demands for products. This shows that 3D product rendering not only improves clients' shopping experiences, but also let them get the whole picture of furniture, and then enhance their purchase intention.

Ⅲ. 3D visualization rendering prompts easier furniture design

3D visualization rendering plays an important role at design stage; therefore, you can see product appearance during designing. 3D product rendering allows users to check product from any angle at design stage, that means designer can see the product assembly intuitively at design stage. Therefore, 3D visualization rendering makes designer's work much easier and quicker. This shows that 3D rendering can reinforce the whole process of furniture design, and has gradually become a necessary design tool for furniture manufacturers.

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