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Architecture Virtual Reality

In recent years, the concepts of virtual reality and architecture have been developing in tandem. Virtual reality is changing our industry, and as professionals, we need to learn how to respond to these changes. Can architecture virtual reality really offer a competitive advantage ? At a time when the industry is slowly starting to take off again, this new technology could help reduce costs and make it easier to show designs to potential customers.

When looking for investors, architecture virtual reality has become an important strategic element in the construction and real estate industries. By recreating different spaces using Oculus Rift, Cardboard or Samsung 3D glasses, it is possible to show exactly what will be built.

Currently, VR has many potential applications:

1. Explore virtual scenarios, either built or about to be built

2. Introduce construction projects to clients who build, sell or lease

3. Landscaping works

4. Layout of interior projects to meet customer's taste

5. Virtual tours of historic landscapes

6. Study the structural performance of buildings under different stresses

Applications of architecture virtual reality are not specific to clients and users. They also offer architects and designers new possibilities. Tools of architecture virtual reality allow professionals to immerse themselves in designing spaces .

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