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3d site plan rendering is one type of architectural rendering and it is mainly used to show the exact way that the intended land use relates to the features of a parcel and its surrounding area.  From a site development plan rendered, we can see the building footprint, travel direction, layout of landscape, architecture, layout of parking lot, water lines, etc so that we can have an overall understanding to the whole project itself.

RGB-A, specializing in 3d architectural visualiser, produce professional 3d floor plan design services for real estate. When we create 3d master site plan renderings of houses in photoshop, we usually include all the following elements to bring the photoshop architectural site plan to life: shadows, landscape, terrain, cars, people, etc.

Site Plan Rendering Portfolio

  • Site Plan Rendering Site Plan Rendering

    Site Plan Rendering

  • Landscape Architecture Plan Rendering Landscape Architecture Plan Rendering

    Landscape Architecture Plan Rendering

  • Rendered Site Plan Rendered Site Plan

    Rendered Site Plan

  • Landscape Architecture Rendering Landscape Architecture Rendering

    Landscape Architecture Rendering

  • 3D Architectural Plans 3D Architectural Plans

    3D Architectural Plans

  • What is a Landscape Architecture Site Plan?

    A landscape architectural site plan is a kind of blueprint used by architects or landscape architects to show the existing or projected plan for a given place. The landscape architecture site plan is often chosen when a piece of land is to be built.

    There are many styles of drawing a site plan, and digital landscape architecture plan rendering is the most common way at present. Landscape architects use landscape plan rendering photoshop

    as the first drawing presented to the client. The landscape architecture site plan represents the overall design of the landscape and is the main tool used by landscape design professionals to arrange the space. At the same time, knowing how to read the landscape architecture site plan is very helpful because it will help you evaluate the design and design early in the design process.

  • How to Make an Master Plan/Architectural Site Plan Rendering in Photoshop?

    The Master plan/Architectural site plan rendering in photoshop is a kind of way to make a 2D site plan of a 3D architectural site plan look as realistic as possible. The photoshop site plan render uses various lighting and shadowing effects as well as the generation of environmentally appropriate light refraction and reflection, any of which can be called photoshop site plan rendering, to realize the architecture site plan photoshop. The photoshop site plan rendering also can be used as the process of adding texture to a surface within the site plan. 

    The following steps simply tell to how to render site plans in photoshop:

    1. Open your PSD file of the architecture site plan in Photoshop.

    2. Adding textures and colors for architectural rendered plans.

    3. Creating shadows for your architecture site plan photoshop.

    4. Choose the graphical style you want for your master plan rendering in photoshop.

  • What is the Difference Between a 2D and 3D Rendered Floor Plan?

    A 3D rendered floor plan is a 3D rendering of house plans that are drawn in length, breadth, and height and lets viewers see into space. Differ from 2D floor plans, 3D rendering plans include more details of the inner environment such as doors, windows, furniture, etc. A floor plan 3D rendering represents a 2D floor plan in a 3D perspective.

    A 3D floor plan rendering service is very helpful for customers to know a room real design style directly. 3D architectural plans realize the visualization of a 2D room and show how rooms connect and how furniture placement affects traffic patterns. Although making 2D floor plans are cheaper than making 3d site plan rendering, real estate companies will prefer 3D floor plan design services in that the 3D floor plans for real estate can help check the building structure and 360-degree virtual tours of the building even before the building is built. Also, a 3D floor plan rendering service can use animation technology to create a better user experience which a 2D floor plan can not realize.

FAQ Of Site Plan Rendering Services

FAQ Of Site Plan Rendering Services

  • What Do Site Plans Show?

    Unlike architectural exterior rendering, a site plan usually shows the building footprint, travel ways, parking lot, trees & plants layout, water lines, etc.

  • How Long It Will Take To Produce The Site Plan?

    Normally, 3-5 days is OK

  • What Is The Purpose Of A Site Plan?

    Unlike the interior architectural visualization, the main purpose of the site plan is to show the exact way that the intended land use relates to the features of a parcel and its surrounding area.

  • What Information Will You Need To Produce A Site Plan Rendering?

    Site model in 2D format or 3D format, and the location of the site so we can know how to  deal with the surroundings according to google map.

  • What Should Be Seen in a Rendered Site Development Plan?

    A rendered site development plan needs to show the layout of the building, street, public areas, and other architectural elements. And a site development plan rendered includes water lines, drainage facilities, lighting, conceptual landscaping, and etc.

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